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To work with us, potential partners need to meet these guidelines:

Social Issue:

  • National in scope and of critical importance to the American public.
  • Non-commercial, non-denominational, non-partisan, and not solely designed to influence legislation.
  • Call to action is clear, single-minded and offers a solution to the problem.
  • Individual actions can collectively make a substantial impact.
  • Clearly defined campaign objective.
  • The issue should be of sufficient seriousness to warrant donations of space and time by the media. 
  • Advertising and communications can make a measurable impact.

Potential Partners:

  • National nonprofit organization/501c3 or federal agency with proven issue expertise.
  • Clear mission and approach to solving the issue.
  • Able to deliver on the promise of the campaign with fulfillment:
    • Additional resources (website, toll-free number, collateral materials) where consumers can get more information and get engaged.
    • Network of local chapters, affiliates or other ties throughout the country where information can readily be disseminated to the media and/or public.
  • Committed to the issue for a minimum of three years.
  • Partners need to have funding identified and/or in hand to begin the application process. We rely on the generosity of our ad agency and media partners, but have certain hard costs associated with creating our national communications programs for which sponsoring organizations are responsible.

If you would like to learn more about our application process, please contact

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