Real Stories

Nothing speaks to the impact of our work more clearly than the stories of individuals that have been affected by our campaigns. Over the years, we've been lucky enough to hear from many of these individuals and to have shared their stories when possible. We're making it a priority to share more often. Look for new stories to be added here over time.

Autism Awareness

After noticing her son's developmental delays and remembering an Autism Speaks PSA on television, Cathrine Karow looked up the signs of autism on the Autism Speaks website and was able to get an early diagnosis and intervention for her son Breslin.

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Adoption from Foster Care

The personal stories of Tracy Lucien and the Dickeys show two families that have adopted children from the foster care system, radically changing their lives.

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Emergency Preparedness

After seeing a billboard Tennessee Native Evonne Richards was able to prepare for a disaster.

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Enabling veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan to connect with one another

Those reached by our Veterans' Mental Health campaign have some of the most compelling stories to tell. Seeing one of our ads for IAVA was a turning point for Rey Leal, a veteran of the war in Iraq.

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