Children's Oral Health (2013)


Dental decay is the single most common chronic disease of childhood, with 16.5 million children suffering from untreated tooth decay. Oral disease disproportionately affects children, low-income families, and minorities. The mouth is the gateway to a person’s overall health, and an unhealthy mouth can be associated with obesity, diabetes and even heart disease. However, despite the high rates of oral health disease in children, research shows that many parents lack information about oral health.  


The campaign aims to educate parents and caregivers about good oral health habits and motivate them to get their children to brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day. The long-term campaign goal is to improve children’s dental health, so they can develop into healthy adults. The campaign directs parents to the website, which provides tips for parents and caregivers on how they can teach their children habits.


Parents of children aged 0-12 with an emphasis on low-income and minority (Hispanic/African American) parents and caregivers


Kids will spend a lot of time doing all sorts of ridiculous things. Let’s get them to spend two minutes brushing their teeth. 2 minutes. 2X a day.


Over $46 million in donated media support from 2012-2013.


After only a year, the Children’s Oral Health campaign saw high recognition of its advertising, strong engagement online and significant shifts in key behaviors among low-income parents. The key message in the PSA campaign—that children should be brushing two minutes, twice a day—was reaching parents, and more children were taking the recommended actions to reduce oral health pain now and in the future.

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