Ad Council partners with Amazon to promote a new Alexa Skill that reduces food waste (2017)


Ad Council and Amazon teamed up to promote a new “Save the Food” Alexa skill which launched in May and makes it easier to save food at home. The new skill can tell you how to best store food so it’ll last longer and whether a vegetable can still be eaten even if it’s completely wilted. SapientRazorfish developed the video as well as banner assets that promote the new skill and Amazon Media Group donated media to support those assets across our platform. The media promotion started a month after the skill was made available in the store and reached almost 13 million people. 56,000 people watched the video to completion (3.85% completion rate) and our display banner ad performed above benchmark with a clickthrough rate of 0.05% (benchmark is 0.04%). In addition to Amazon, the creative is running on broadcast television as well as other digital and social platforms. To date, over 45K people have downloaded the skill resulting in over 56K sessions. With almost 37% asking whether the food is still good – we are confident this new eco-friendly skill is helping to reduce food waste. 




Mashable: New Alexa skill helps you combat food waste

USA Today: 9 ways Amazon’s Alexa can help you in the kitchen

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