Fatherhood Involvement (2017)



86% of dads spend more time with their children today than their own fathers did with them, according to an Ad Council survey. However, a majority of dads (7 out of 10) also reported that they could use tips on how to be a better parent. The campaign PSAs illustrate how simple it can be to make an impact on a child at any moment.


Inspire and support men in their commitment to responsible fatherhood

All PSAs direct audiences to share their own moments via the hashtag #MakeAMoment and to visit www.fatherhood.gov for parenting tips, fatherhood programs, and other resources.


Men age 18-60 with children ages 4-17.


It only takes a moment to make a moment. Take time to be a dad today. Visit fatherhood.gov for parenting tips and other resources.


Over $96.3 million in donated media between June 2015 and May 2017.


Over time, there has been a significant increase in awareness of the issue, from 26% in May 2015 to 43% in May 2017. In addition, significantly more fathers have sought information about how to spend more quality time with their children: 41% in May 2015 rose to 58% in May 2017.

More than 70% of fathers surveyed have seen at least of the Fatherhood campaign PSAs. Exposure to the campaign has been shown to make a significant impact on increasing fathers’ likelihood to seek out parenting information and get more involved with their children. Fathers who saw or heard at least one of the PSAs were vastly more likely to have taken action to learn more about fatherhood – 67% of those ads aware vs. 21% of those unaware of the campaign had taken action in the preceding 6 months.

This case study was updated in 05/2017. 

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