We are very fortunate to have the guidance and support of many committees made up of leaders in their field. All of our committees play an instrumental role in shaping the direction of the Ad Council's work.

Advisory Committee

This Committee reviews Ad Council campaigns to ensure that the issues they address are a national priority. The Advisory Committee meets biannually and is comprised of leaders from research, nonprofit, business, academia and philanthropy.

Campaign Review Committee

These teams are comprised of members representing top creative and planning talent from the nation’s leading advertising agencies, as well as experts from the digital space. They are responsible for review and approval of campaigns' strategic and creative direction and are credited with continuing to raise the bar in an effort to maintain the Ad Council's standard of excellence. CRC team members bring their talent and expertise to each of our campaigns in an effort to promote social change

Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committees are maintained in the top 15 markets across the country.  Each committee is represented by local media and agency executives. They provide market insight and help increase donated media support on the local level.  

Research Committee

The Research Committee is committed to helping improve the social impact of Ad Council campaigns through effective research and insightful consultation. Consisting of senior-level leaders in market research, advertising research, academia and nonprofits, the Committee advises on how to better plan, implement and evaluate our programs and practices. 

Steering Committees

The TV Steering Committee and Out of Home Steering Committee meet on a quarterly basis and are made up of broadcast network, cable network and cable MSO advertising sales executives. The Committees provides industry insight and offers assistance to increase donated media support on behalf our 50 + campaigns. 

UX Advisory Committee

The UX (User Experience) Committee is comprised of senior UX designers and engineers from leading digital agencies and technology brands.They are responsible for advising our digital team to ensure our web sites and mobile applications/games are designed and built with users at the forefront and meet the Ad Council’s standards of excellence. 

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