Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention


In the United States, fully 7 in 10 pregnancies among unmarried women age 18-29 are described by women themselves as unplanned - one of the highest levels in the developed world.

The consequences of unplanned pregnancy are significant, expensive, and affect not only the young adults themselves, but also their children and families. Consequences include: fewer opportunities for mothers to complete their education or achieve other life goals; more health risks; diminished likelihood of forming committed, mature relationships; lower likelihood of stable families; and a higher likelihood of poverty.

This campaign aims to reduce high rates of unplanned pregnancies among young women (18-24), by encouraging them to find the best method of birth control for them. Featuring funny and endearing scenarios about "awkward" birth control conversations, the campaign reminds women that moments like these shouldn't stop them from getting important information about birth control. The PSAs encourage young women that Bedsider "takes the awkward" out, by allowing them to explore their birth control options online.

The most recent round of work, developed in partnership with BET is an extension of the campaign that launched in November 2011. Bedsider includes easy ways to explore and compare various birth control methods, videos of real women describing their personal experiences with each method, and birth control and appointment reminders sent by text or email - everything women need to find the best birth control method, stay on it, and use it successfully. 

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