Foreclosure Prevention Assistance


Foreclosures can have a devastating effect on families and local communities. Unfortunately, during these difficult economic times, many Americans nationwide are still facing the prospect of losing their homes. Nearly 4 million Americans are more than 60 days behind on their mortgage, and countless others are only a paycheck away from missing a mortgage payment.

New PSAs increase awareness of the Making Home Affordable® program’s free resources and assistance for homeowners that are struggling with their mortgage payments. Homeowners facing mortgage trouble need not feel “frozen.” Options other than foreclosure are available, and the sooner they act, the more options they have for the best possible outcome.

Homeowners are encouraged to call 888-995-HOPE (4673) and speak one-on-one with a HUD-approved housing expert to discuss the solutions that are available based on their individual circumstances. In addition, the campaign directs homeowners to the program website,, an online resource for struggling homeowners to learn about options other than foreclosure. 

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