Financial Literacy


Young adults, aged 25 to 34, have often reached the stage in their lives when they buy new cars, get married, start families and apply for mortgages. Unfortunately their savings are low, and the burden of their debt is taking a toll on both their financial and personal health. That's 42 million people that need help getting on the right financial track.

The Feed the Pig PSA campaign, first launched in 2006, educates these young adults about improving financial behaviors and saving more money. The newest campaign ads lead to the tagline "Put away a few bucks. Feel like a million bucks." to emphasize the positive emotional and financial benefits of saving, a welcome message for the many young adults who experience stress and anxiety over their finances.

Campaign ads direct audiences to, for interactive tools and information, including calculators, informational podcasts, and free subscriptions to weekly savings tips via email and text message, to help foster positive saving habits. Financial guidance and tips can also be found on Feed the Pig's Twitter feed and Facebook page.

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