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This year marks the Ad Council’s 70th anniversary. Created at the start of World War II, the Ad Council was founded to mobilize individuals to act on behalf of the most pressing social issues of the day.  Since that time, much has changed.  New technologies and innovations have transformed the way we communicate and share our messages, and social media has provided opportunities to have an ongoing dialogue with our target audiences.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the past seven decades is our core mission. We continue to work with the nation’s top ad agencies to create powerful campaigns with our non-profit and federal government partners. Our creative continues to impact the hearts and minds of individuals on behalf of a variety of important issues including public health, education, community involvement and the environment. 

We’re proud of the meaningful and lasting social change that the Ad Council has helped to foster over the past 70 years. In that time our campaigns have contributed to the more than 13,000 foster care children that have been placed with permanent families, the more than $2.2 billion raised to help 400,000 minority students graduate from college, and the decrease in the number of acres lost each year to wildfires from 22 million to an average of 6.5 million. Our public service campaigns have also helped increase seatbelt usage from 14 percent to 85 percent and significantly increased awareness about the early warning signs of autism among parents.

As much as we have achieved during the past seven decades, there are still many critical issues facing our country and we need your support.  We will continue to rely on the commitment of our dedicated partners in the media, corporate and advertising communities as we look to the future and inspire social change for the next 70 years. 

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